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I would like to thank you again for the excellent care that you and your staff have provided. As I mentioned before, I have had periodontal surgery before (over 20 years ago). The experience with you and your staff was so much better, that I would highly recommend it to anyone considering this type of procedure. The use of the laser was so much faster, less painful, and the healing process was so much faster. Not having to deal with stitches, packing, and the extreme discomfort, made this such a better experience. Please feel free to use me as a reference to anyone who is having concerns about your laser procedure.

David B from Tipp City, Ohio

My name is Cynthia and Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey performed LANAP surgery on my mouth a few weeks ago. It was amazing! There was no pain associated with this procedure as with conventional surgery. I was able to eat and drink shortly after surgery. I have experienced no pain and would highly recommend and DO this surgery to anyone who needs it. Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey and her staff are very caring and the office is very comfortable with all the updated amenities. I enjoy going to the revisits to check on my post-op surgery. She is a true professional who genuinely cares about her patient's needs and oral health. Her assistant Jenny is just as warm and inviting as Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey. I have had conventional surgery before and traditional cleanings and X-Rays. This surgery and after care is like night and day. It was if I had no surgery at all. I appreciate the exceptional care and concern they have all exhibited. I would recommend Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey and her staff for any procedure you may think of having. I promise you will leave happy and smiling from her office. She will see to it!

Cynthia J from Tipp City, Ohio

I am excited to have this opportunity to share my experience with Dr. Ortiz and her staff, to do that I first need to start with a not so good experience. I was diagnosed by my dentist with periodontal disease and was recommended to a dental surgeon in the area. On my first visit being apprehensive about the surgery I choose just to have one quarter of the surgery done. So I went in for surgery on the lower right side which entailed them cutting my gums, cleaning the tartar off then 3 stitches. They sent me home with pain medicine prescription, which I had filled. I went home took the pain pill and was in bed the rest of the day. The healing seemed long and uncomfortable and needed to take the pain meds throughout the next week. The discomfort from the stitches was very irritating until they removed them 10 days later. Before I was able to schedule my next appointment, I received the bill and realized that they never told me that they didn't accept my insurance. Shocked and very upset, I went on my own to find another doctor, and that is when I found Dr. Ortiz at Advanced Periodontal Center. From my very first phone call, I was treated excellent. Dr. Ortiz and her assistant Jenny were so caring and accommodating, they felt like old friends. I was offered bottled water and even watched TV from the dental chair during my procedure. Dr. Ortiz explained the laser surgery in detail, and let me know what to expect while the laser was working. I was quite impressed with her knowledge and 10 year study of the benefits of laser surgery. I liked the idea that the laser only targets the dead tissue, leaving all healthy tissue with no cutting or stitches. The laser was much less invasive than the other surgery. I had the whole left side of my mouth done in the same time as it took for just 1/4th with the other surgery, with no pain during or after surgery. I did not need any pain meds after the laser surgery, just ibuprofen and antibiotics. I actually felt well enough to do some grocery shopping on the way home, and could barely tell I even had surgery the following day. I can't stress enough that if you are in need of periodontal surgery, that laser is the only way to go and do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Ortiz, you won't be disappointed!

Gina S. from Ludlow Falls, Ohio

My name is Carl and I had the LANAP surgery a few weeks ago. I was very apprehensive about getting this done because over the years I have become more sensitive to pain at the dentist's office, however, I took a happy pill right before the surgery and had the nitrous gas during the surgery and to my delight, the surgery was virtually painless. Shortly after the surgery, I was back to eating (except for chips, nuts, and popcorn) and doing the things I normally do. Dr Ortiz-Ramsey and Jenny the assistant were very delightful and professional (plus Jenny will keep you laughing). I've been told for several years that I needed gum surgery, however, my wife had conventional gum surgery a few years ago and the pain of this surgery had me scared to death to do it. The bottom line is the LANAP surgery is the bomb!

Carl J from Tipp City, Ohio

Gummy Smile

At age 17 I was diagnosed with jaw and facial asymmetry that made one side of my smile show a lot of gum. The proposed orthognathic jaw surgery to correct the problem was very complicated, expensive, requires general anesthesia, and a prolonged recovery. After many years of feeling hopeless due to financial concerns and health risks that my dream surgery offered, Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey offered an alternative procedure to correct my smile. Her simple and minor surgical approach corrected my smile with minimal recovery, a very affordable cost, and little discomfort. This revolutionary procedure has dramatically changed and improved my smile and confidence.

Having a gummy smile affected me so much that I never wanted anybody to take my picture. Now, I truly feel so good about myself that when I smile people can see my beautiful teeth and not just the ugly gums. Thanks to Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey! She has change my life and made my dreams come true!

G Wright from Phoenix Arizona

I was always kind of self conscious of my smile. Every time I smiled or posed for a picture I had to my strain lip to hide my gums. Sometimes it would create a "very interesting" facial expressions on the pictures. So, I had to look for a solution! I had an overbite, gummy smile and my teeth were considerably small for my face. One of the choices I had to fix my gummy smile was a Jaw surgery. Since a jaw surgery is very costly with a lot of risks and long healing process I did not consider doing it.

I had braces, gum contouring and veneers done, which helped a lot but still didn't fix a problem. Thus, I started looking for other possible procedures. Searching on the Internet I had stumbled upon a lip repositioning surgery. It sounded as a perfect solution for me, but there was very few doctors who performed that procedure. I was looking for a doctor with a lot of experience and a great understanding of my needs. I found a perfect match! And not to far from home. I had a consultation with Dr Ortiz-Ramsey. As soon as I spoke with her I had realized it was a right choice. Dr Ortiz-Ramsey was very through and upfront about the procedure which made me feel very confident. Almost two years later I am still enjoying results of this wonderful procedure. I recommend Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey to all my friends and family.

A Markov from Columbus, Ohio

Gum Grafting

My name is Shelley and for years I had a tooth in my smile-line that had a large area of tooth brush abrasion which, in turn, gave the appearance of a very "long" tooth. I smile all the time, so you can imagine how disheartening it was for someone to comment on my "long" tooth. I started becoming very self-conscious about it and would even cover my mouth. Dr. Ortiz recommended a Connective Tissue Graft to correct the problem. She explained my treatment in great detail, and without hesitation I consented to have it done. Dr Ortiz is very gentle, so after I was completely numb, believe it or not, I fell asleep during the procedure! I am please to tell you that even after the numbness wore off I had no pain. I had minimal swelling which only lasted a day. I can testify that that was a small price to pay for the benefits I have enjoyed since. I was single at the time and we joked that after we fixed my smile I would find a husband. Ok, I know this sounds far-fetched but, a little over a year later I was engaged to be married! Dr. Ortiz and her husband even came to my wedding! Thank you, Dr. Ortiz!!!

Shelley G from Versailles Ohio

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