Cures for a Gummy Smile

There are a couple of ways to fix a gummy smile and it all depends on your unique situation.

One technique, the lip travel reduction technique, is necessary when a patient has a gummy smile and when the teeth are properly sized. Taking away gum tissue is not the answer for these patients, as it would only make their teeth appear unusually large. This procedure is a cosmetic procedure and reduces the travel of the lip, so that the gum does not show excessively when they are smiling. We restrict the "movement" of your upper lip when you smile with a laser procedure. Your upper lip simply does not move as far up when you smile, therefore your gums do not show as much. Another awesome perk when this technique is used: your upper lip is more full!

Another technique to fix a gummy smile is called a esthetic crown lengthening. This technique is used when your teeth are small and making them larger would be appropriate. Often, people have the white enamel under all the extra gum tissue and do not need veneers or crowns when the crown lengthening is finished. Some people do not have white enamel hiding under the gum tissue, and will need veneers or crowns after the crown lengthening. We can measure and let you know whether you will need veneers or crowns, or if the crown lengthening alone will take care of your gummy smile.

Lip Travel Reduction Before and After

gummy smile before

Before Surgery
gummy smile after

24 Hours Following Surgery
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