LANAP - Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

GRISELLE ORTIZ-RAMSEY, DMD, MS, PhD, is the first dentist and board-certified periodontist in the Dayton - Miami Valley area to be trained and licensed by the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry to perform LANAP. She is also one of a few dentists in the State of Ohio to be licensed to perform this procedure. This amazing breakthrough procedure offers significantly-improved results in less time and with minimal discomfort - and you get to keep your smile!

What is LANAP?

LANAP is a revolution in treating gum disease. Without using a scalpel or stitching the gum, the laser is used to kill the bacteria in the pocket and then reattach the gum to the tooth. It is conservative periodontal treatment and is often an idea fit for people looking for nonsurgical (no scalpel no sutures) gum treatment.

LANAP is improving gum treatment the same way that LASIK revolutionized eye surgery, says Dr. Ortiz-Ramsey. The laser eliminates diseased tissue while preserving healthy gums, so scalpels and sutures are eliminated, discomfort is minimized, and the results are exceptional. It is breakthrough treatment and is ideal for people looking for conservative gum treatment or nonsurgical treatment of gum disease.

LANAP is an abbreviation for laser assisted new attachment procedure. LANAP is a patented protocol developed by Dr. Robert Gregg and Dr. Delwin McCarthy two practicing dentists in Cerritos California after decades of research in the use of laser energy in the treatment of periodontal disease. LANAP has revolutionized the treatment of gum disease by combining conventional treatment methods with the precision use of the PerioLase laser. PerioLase is a pulsed free-running, 6 watt, 1064 wavelength Nd:YAG laser and is the only FDA-approved laser for the treatment of gum disease. What makes LANAP effective in treatment of gum disease is the fact that the laser energy that is emitted by the PerioLase is absorbed only by inflamed gum tissue without harming healthy gum tissue and also it is absorbed by bacterial species that cause gum disease. LANAP provides the ideal environment for your body to heal itself by regenerating bone and creating new gum attachment to the teeth.


But what is really special about LANAP is that it is a patient friendly procedure. NO scalpels, NO sutures, minimal discomfort and swelling. LANAP is a breakthrough treatment and is ideal for people looking for conservative gum treatment but want better results that could be achieved conventionally.

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Summary of LANAP Steps:

LANAP harnesses the gentle but effective power of laser light to treat gum disease. First the area to be treated is numbed with a local anesthetic. Some patients like to be sedated as well. The steps to LANAP are as follows:


  1. A periodontal probe is in place to accurately measure the depth of the bone loss.
  2. Pulsed laser light selectively removes the diseased and infected tissue from the inside of the pocket. The laser is so precise that it does not affect the healthy tissue. The laser light also kill the bacteria in the pocket.
  3. Special scalers are used to remove the tartar. The tartar has been loosened by the laser light so it comes off more easily than during traditional scaling.
  4. Laser light is again used, but at a different setting. This pass with the laser makes a firm clot that connects the gum to the root surface forming a fibrin clot.
  5. The tissue is pressed against the root surface and the fibrin clot forms at the top of the gum.
  6. The bite is adjusted so that the teeth do not traumatize each other when you chew. A night guard is also used to take away the excessive forces from the teeth and allow the optimal healing. We'll give you special dietary recommendations to optimize the results.
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